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Steampunk Rose

A bit of a fun portrait using studio strobes and gelled lighting.

Portrait of a Red Head

This was taken at a rocky beach bear Bristol, I like the colours of the models hair and the scarf that is flowing around her arm. Taken with a Canon 6d and a Canon 85 mm f/1.8 lens. Zoom lenses can be convenient but I do like to use prime lenses, they get you to think about what you are doing, have a nice shallow depth of field and make you use your feet instead if just standing there and using the zoom to frame.By using your feet, you can discover new angles which you may of otherwise missed.

Lord of the Manor

This shot was taken at Kings Weston House in Bristol. Kings Weston House is a grade 1 listed building and was completer in 1917 and was designed by Sir John Vanbrugh and was the home of Edward Southwell. During World War 1 the house was converted to a hospital. In 1935 the house was bought by the Bristol Municipal Charities and leased to the education authorities to be used a s a school. It went on to be Bristol Technical College of Architecture which later went on to be Bath University School for Architecture. During the following years the house was used for a verity of functions including a police training centre. The house is now used for conferences, weddings and private events, there is also a cafe which is open to the public and lovely walks around the surrounding estate.

Poppy Field

It was by pure good fortune that I stumbled upon this poppy field. You would not see it if you were travelling by car as it is well hidden by an established country road hedge. So I set my alarm for 4am in a bit to capture the first light of the sun raking across the top of the poppies. Sunrise was at 5am but the clouds did not let the sun through until about 6am. I still managed to capture the glow of the sun hitting the poppies. I didn’t want to go for single poppy shots; I wanted to show the carpet of red leading up to the house in the distance.